What are "BIDLOOPS"?

Why split publishing and lose $10,000 - $500,000 in potential royalties, when you can just OWN 100% exclusive rights to the melody loop?

Let me explain...

Music producers are the last to get paid and we often get treated like we are at the bottom of the barrel, yet our music and what we do is the literal heartbeat and sound of what the world listens to.

We’ve gotten abused so much for so long that we’ve forgotten how VALUABLE our music really is.

To the point where we are OK with undervaluing our beats, loop packs, and charging next to nothing for what we create.

It’s a RACE TO THE BOTTOM at this rate we are going.

Because of this, there’s also much confusion because we are re selling THE SAME LOOP MELODIES to one another, hundreds and thousands of times, which results in thousands of versions of (almost) the same exact beat sprinkling around on YouTube, beat selling platforms, inboxes, and even DSP’s.

Who TRULY owns what?

The amount of DMCA take downs and copyright strikes is increasing by the day. 
There is a TON of controversy around "Royalty-Free" melody loops and the pros and cons of using them.

In the 10+ years since "melody loop packs" have become popular, I've been obsessed with figuring out why.

And after many years I finally have a viable solution...

First, let's identify the actual problem...

When you download and use a Royalty-Free "melody loop" whether you paid for it or downloaded it for free, you are at risk..

Why are you at risk?

Because chances are, THOUSANDS of other producers have that same exact melody loop.

So what does that mean if THOUSANDS of producers have the same melody loop and they all sample, release it, sell it, get it placed, licensed and sold at the same time?

You guessed it..


This has become a HUGE problem in our industry.

After many iterations, experiments, trial & error sessions and just common sense, I've come up with a solution...

It's called BIDLOOPS.

ONE Royalty-Free Loop. ONE owner. FULL usage rights, forever.

This ONE Loop is sold, AUCTION STYLE (highest bidder wins).

Instead of THOUSANDS of producers using the same melody loop, now you only have ONE producer using it.

It's more personalized because the producer who WINS the auction and that loop, knows that NO ONE ELSE has it or can use it.

On top of that, they will get to enjoy EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS, full ownership, maintain all publishing, royalties, points and everything that's associated with that melody loop.

Highest bid wins.
We did it on Ebay. Now we do it on BIDLOOPS.

- Illmind
Illmind is a two-time Grammy award-winning music producer, NFT pioneer, and digital sound pack innovator who has produced with Drake, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Logic, Future, Travis Scott, Khalid, and even Disney's "Moana" soundtrack & Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda.